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Sandwich Panel Advantages

The following are the advantages of Sandwich Panels in General

Quick Installation

Sandwich panel installation work is fast and instant, the latest solution for time efficiency

Clean without painting process

The sandwich panel product has been color-coated so it doesn't have to be repainted

Clean and Neat building

Can be categorized for buildings with sandwich panels is a highly recommended product because it is clean & green.

Easier Maintenance

Using sandwich panel products, building maintenance is very easy to do.

Light building structure

Compared to sandwich panel walls, it has a light weight but strong structure.

Can Insulate Heat

Sandwich Panels are not only a quick building solution but can function as the best insulation.


We offer you facilities that support our commitment for customer


Our dedicated team provides focused customer service for all pre and post-order administration.


Our marketing teams aims to provide a fast turn around on sample and literature request.


Zelltech provides a comprehensive technical advisory service to assist architects, engineer.


We provide free supervision to ensure the installation of the product on your project according to the recommended standards.

Zelltech Sandwich Panel

Zelltech Panel is a material made of 3 main layers, The main and third layer is the best quality steel plate, while the middle layer is filled by PIR or EPS, Zelltech Panels are used in various types of buildings to meet the demands of architects, insulated wall systems.

Sandwich Panel PIR

Zelltech Panel is a material made of 3 main layers, The main and third layers are the best quality steel plates, while the middle layer is filled by Polyisocyanurate.

application of sandwich panel PIR

Sandwich Panel EPS

Zelltech Panel EPS is a material made of 3 main layers, the main and third layers are the best quality steel plate, while the middle layer is filled with EPS.

application of sandwich panel EPS

Advantages of Zelltech Panel

Here are the advantages of Zelltech brand sandwich panels that are not available in other brands


Zelltech panels already have a fire test certificate from the TUV Singapore institute


Zelltech Panel has joint panels that other brands don't have.


We fully support by providing team assistance to customer locations.


Our products are produced using fully automatic machines with computer systems.


Zelltech Panels are delivered to the customer's location with an anti-UV film coated condition.


To continue to innovate, we have a special team in the R&D LAB.


Zelltech Panel has been trusted to advance the country with well-insulated buildings, guaranteed energy efficiency and superior performance.


Tests and certifications from independent third-party institutions have been conducted to support our products and to build customer trust professionally.

PUSKIM Certificate

Product testing of sandwich panels against fire resistance with SNI standards

ITB Certificate

ITB Certification Product testing of sandwich panels against sound muffle resistance

TUV Certificate

Product testing of sanwich panels against fire resistance by a credible institution from germany.

ITS Certificate

Product testing of sandwich panels on tensile strength, pressure and flexibility.

UNS Certification

Product testing of sandwich panels against fire for 120 minutes and load strength.

SUCOFINDO Certificate

All products have met the requirements in terms of heat resistance, elongation, tensile strength, conductivity and determined by SUCOFINDO.

BIOCHEMLAB Certificate

Sandwich panel Product Testing for Microbiological Analysis.

ISO 9001-2015

Our products have met the standards of Quality, Safety and Social Responsibility established.

Anti Bacterial

A certificate that is proof that our product is Anti Bacterial.

Frequently asked questions

The following are frequently asked questions about our products.

What are the options for core and types of Zelltech Panel products?

The core of Zelltech Panel products is available in Polyisocyanurate rigid foam and Expanded Polystyrene. Zelltech Panel provides panel roofs and exterior panel walls that can be adjusted to the special needs of your buildings.

What is the density of Zelltech Panel product?

The fixed density of Zelltech PIR Panel product is at 43-45 kg/m3 and the fixed density of Zelltech EPS Panel product is at 15 or 20 kg/m3.

Does PT. Cellcius Indoperkasaprovide the accessories and installation service for Zelltech Panel products?

We provide complete accessories for Zelltech Panel products to support good and standardized installation results. Flashing accessories are made from extrusion aluminium and the curving accessories are made from ABS plastic. We can provide installation service for Zelltech Panels if you don’t have a partner contractor. However, we would still provide a free supervision service even when you are not using our installation service.

How long does the warranty last for Zelltech Panel product?

Zelltech Panel product is protected by a 1-yearbonding material warranty. This warranty guarantees a whole core material replacement when a problem happens to the core material within 1 year of purchase. For the outer layer/skin, the warranty varies according to the warranty standard from our supplier.

What are the advantages of Zelltech Panel compared to other brands?

Zelltech PIR Panel:
MThe production machines used have a continuous production system with German machines and technology that ensures the same product quality, more precise results, and bigger production capacity. Our panel jointsare a double overlap slip joint, which can increase the strength of the joint and provide better durability against fire. We layer the panel with protection sticker to provide protection from scratches during delivery and to keep the color from fading. The flashing accessories are made from extrusion aluminium and the curving accessories are made from high-quality ABS plastic.

Zelltech EPS Panel:
The panels use oven conveyor lamination system that uses heat to strongly laminate the outer layer and the core of the panel. The panels are produced by our factory to ensure the maintenance of quality. The panel joints use spindle cutting system to create a stronger joint.