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Advantages of Zelltech Vsky

The following are the advantages of Zelltech Vsky

Good Weathering Characteristics

V-Sky have built-in UV and weather protection. The outer exteriors of V-Sky are coated by Dupont Melinex.


V-Sky offers a wide range of manufacturing and technical capabilities to meet specific needs.

High Strength

V-Sky panels are strong, durable and shatter resistant. They have a high strength to modulus ratio.


V-Sky roof are translucent panels that provide soft diffused transmitted light.

Chemical & Corrosion Resistant

FRP Vsky remain virtually unaffected in many chemical environments. There`ll be no rust, rot, scale or mildew.


V-Sky are naturally resilient and withstand large deflections associated with normal load and impact conditions without suffering damage.

Vsky FRP Zelltech

Here is the Zelltech Vsky Type :

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Here are the main advantages of Zelltech Vsky


The screw is used to fasten Zelltech Vsky panels to steel gritsband purlins, Double seal washer technology has better performance to avoid leakage.


Comes with a 10-year official warranty protection stated in the certificate


1st Indonesia's the one and only with Z-coat technology weather resistant.


We provide free supervision to ensure the installation of the product on your project according to the recommended standards.

FRP Roof


Zelltech V-Sky FRP Roof has been trusted to advance the country with well-insulated buildings, guaranteed energy efficiency and superior performance.

Product Certifications

Tests and certifications have been conducted to build customer trust professionally. These tests and certifications were issued by independent third-party institutions to support the quality of Zelltech TM V-Sky FRP Roof product.

ISO 9001-2015

Institutions that help companies meet standards related to quality, safety and social responsibility.


Certification body to meet environmental quality, health & safety standards.


Testing Material characteristics such as resistance to heat, elongation, tensile strength, conductivity and corrosion.

Time for Energy Efficiency

WOur team would love to provide support and give the best service to all customers to ensure the most suitable product will be used for your project.

Installation Method

Download the Zelltech Vsky method in detail below.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zelltech V-Sky FRP roof made from?

Zelltech V-Sky FRP roof is made from FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic). FRP is a composite of fiber and resin.

What are the advantages of Zelltech V-Sky FRP Roof product compared to other brands?

Zelltech TM V-Sky FRP roofs are produced using automated machines and not using manual process (hand lay-up) that produces stronger, more precise, and durable final results. We use Japanese resin specialized for outdoor products to create products that are durable under extreme weather and do not turn yellow easily. Zelltech TM V-Sky FRProod product also has a gel layer and Zelltech TM is the only brand in Indonesia that applies this layer of gel in its product.

How long does the warranty last for Zelltech V-Sky FRP Roof product?

Zelltech V-Sky FRP Roof product is protected by a 10-year warranty and official hologram certificate. This warranty guarantees a whole material replacement when a problem happens within 10 years of purchase.

How long is the warranty given for Zelltech V-Sky FRP roofing products?

Zelltech V-Sky FRP Roof products are covered by a 10-year warranty that is accompanied by an official holographic certificate. This guarantee guarantees that if a problem occurs within 10 years, the material will be completely replaced.

What is the function of the gel layer on Zelltech V-Sky FRP roof product?

The layer of gel on Zelltechâ„¢ V-Sky FRP roof product serves as a layer of anti-UV rays to add resistance against the UV rays and extreme weather. This layer of gel also creates a shinier final look and stronger product so it is more durable against impacts.