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Products Certification :

It is very important to consider in choosing a material that can reduce heat in accordance with the way the heat spreads, if there is an error in selecting the material it will cause inefficiency / inefficiency because the purpose of the insulation requirement is not achieved optimally.
dengan zelltech vs tanpa zelltech

Advantages of Roof Insulation.

The following are the advantages of roof insulation in general in a building.


In addition to roof heat insulation, roof insulation can also be used as a leak prevention, of course it is water resistant


Aluminum foil roof insulation is very appropriate as a solar thermal insulation material.


Because it has an Excellent insulation proprties from sound and temperature it can significantly.


In addition to reducing heat, insulation can also be used to reduce noise.


Buildings that use roof insulation with many benefits make the value of the building increase.


The use of roof insulation with aluminum foil is insect free because it is without glasswool.

Product & Specification

The following are the types of Zelltech™ Diapack products with Specification Data

Zelltech™ Diapack Small

Using Bubble material
between the two sides of the aluminum foil

Zelltech™ Diapack Big

Using Big Bubble material
between the two sides of the aluminum foil

Zelltech™ Other Type

We also provide products
with special materials

zelltech old vs zelltech diapack
Comparison of old insulation with Diapack insulation

Advantages Diapack Insulation

Here are the main advantages of Zelltech™ Diapack Insulation

Pattented Pattern

The diamond motif on Zelltech™ Dia-Pack Insulation is patented and exclusively owned by Zelltech™.


The Zelltech™ Dia-Pack Insulation layer is flexible and ductile, making installation easy and the product more durable.

Increased Air Pack up to 11%

Bubble density can store 11% more air than conventional insulation.

More Durable Under Pressure

The diamond motif on the bubble makes the insulation layer stronger and resistant to pressure.

Zelltech™ Roof Insulation

Why Zelltech™ Insulation?

The following are the advantages of using Zelltech™ Insulation.

New & Pure Material

Zelltech™'s insulation products are made from a new material of quality 99.7% pure aluminum*. *BPPT test

Long Guarantee Definitely Fit

If there is a shortage of product length, we will provide a replacement product for free without taking the previous product.

Free Aksesoris

We provide free accessories in the form of strip plates and insulation for every purchase of Zelltech™ insulation products.

Customize Length & Color

Consumers can order insulation products with lengths and colors that are tailored to their needs, so as to minimize product residue.


Every purchase of Zelltech™ insulation products comes with a 10-year official warranty protection which is stated in a holographic certificate.

Free Supervision

We provide free supervision to ensure the installation of the product on your project according to the recommended standards.


Zelltech™ Dia-Pack has been trusted to advance the country with well-insulated buildings, guaranteed energy efficiency and superior performance.


Tests and certifications from independent third-party institutions have been conducted to support our products and to build customer trust professionally.

UL Certificate

UL certificate for fire propagation test as measured by the rate of spread of fire and the amount of smoke generated

ISO 9001 Certificate

Institutions that help companies meet standards related to quality, safety and social responsibility.

SGS Certificate

This SGS certificate is for Testing against sound attenuation using ASTM C423-01 method From SGS Company.

SUCOFINDO Certificate

Testing Material characteristics such as resistance to heat, elongation, tensile strength, conductivity and corrosion.


Green product testing from the American MAS institute shows low emissions in our products.

BPPT Certificate

BPPT test is a test to prove that the purity level of Aluminum foil in roof insulation products is 99.7%.

INTERTEK Certificate

Testing with fire using the ASTM E84 method, which is measured by the level of spread of fire.

RIMA International

Reflective Insulation Manufacturers Association, the only registered Indonesian insulation company.

R&D Service

Testing of Material Characteristics such as flexibility, durability.

Time to be Better

Our team would love to provide support and give the best service to all customers to ensure the most suitable product will be used for your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are frequently asked questions about our products.

What are the advantages of Zelltech™™ insulation compared to other brands?

Zelltech™™ products have been established since 2009 and have been trusted to build numerous projects. The sales of Zelltech™™ products are equipped with complete certificates and an official warranty. Zelltech™™ products are produced by our factory so the products are closely monitored and we are always innovating to create better products.

What are the advantages of Zelltech™™ Dia-Pack Insulationcompared to other reflective insulations?

Zelltech™™ Dia-Pack Insulationhas a diamond pattern. It is the only one with a patent certificate. The diamond pattern makes Zelltech™™ insulation more effective in reducing heat in a building due to the high bubble density, higher durability under pressure, and more elegant look when installed.

How long does the warranty last for Zelltech™™ Dia-Pack Insulation?

Zelltech™™ Dia-Pack Insulationproduct is protected by a 10-year warranty and official hologram certificate. This warranty guarantees a whole material replacement when a problem happens within 10 years of purchase.

With the various types of Zelltech™™ Dia-Pack Insulations, which one is the most suitable for my building?

All types of Zelltech™™ Dia-Pack Insulations have the same capability to reflect infrared rays from the sun since they are all created from 99,7% pure aluminium*. However, if you have special needs, such as sound suppression, or if you are looking for the strongest material or other additional material, please contact our product consultant team for more information. *based on the test from BPPT